Ahlan, (Hello in Arabic)

I’m not a professional photographer but accidentally turned a hobby into a semi-professional interest to add to my skill set since I started photo-blogging in 2012.Photo on 3-5-15 at 19.06 #4

Born in Cairo and raised in Dubai, I’ve spent a huge chunk of my life in the Middle East, admiring it’s capability for rapid success and development. Currently, I live with my husband in Chicago since 2011 while running a contemporary Chicago culture catalogue, The Chicago Chic whilst (brand) managing local retail brands Animocks, Curious Johns and other nation wide brands.


People: An idealist at heart, I look for sensible harmony amongst ourselves society. I work best with global , open minds and ambition. I respect people that believe and stay committed to their dreams.

Life: to me is a matter of perspective, no one is right or wrong. We are all born scientists & artists but choose to see things based on what we’re exposed to.

I enjoy travel, music, food, art and photography.

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